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  • Introduction (untitled)
  • Taylor Descendants: Richard "Rock" Taylor
  • Taylor Descendants: Richard Taylor "tailor"
  • Taylor Descendants from Both Richards
  • Taylor Descendants from Mayflower Persons
  • Taylor Populations
  • Major Taylor Cemeteries
  • Major Taylor Information Sources
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This blog will be under construction from February 2011 into August 2011, featuring additional information, links, and new and improved indexes.

This blog is a main directory and index for a number of blogs and wikis about Richard Taylor "of the Rock" and Richard Taylor "tailor", both of Yarmouth MA, and their descendants. The blogs emphasize family history, plus some family tree. The main family tree from the Richards to the late 19th Century is on an early version of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taylor-Bray_Farm The September 22, 2010 version of the wiki also includes several maternal lines descended from the Mayflower (the Bradfords, the Hopkins). The blogs/wikis not in place yet include one on other Taylor stories (the wrong-colored skunk story, the "cussing" story). Lemuel Taylor II led a mass (60) migration of Taylors from upper New York State to Oakland Co. Michigan (via a stormy Lake Erie and the Black Swamp) to found Ston(e)y Creek Village (see below). A number of the blogs are more in the nature of progress reports (Josiah Taylor II) because of destroyed or missing documents, with the complete facts never to be found.

Taylor Descendants: Richard "Rock" Taylor

Richard "Rock" was born in 1619 in England, married Ruth Burgess (b. 1625 in Sandwich MA, d. July 22, 1693 in Yarmouth MA) in 1649 in Yarmouth, and died August 1, 1703. Ruth Burgess was the daughter of Thomas Burgess and Dorothy Wayne Phippen. Their son, Elisha Taylor I (b. II-10-1664 Y, d. II-3-1740/1 Y) is shown below and his descendants are shown in this group of blogs. The other son, Richard Taylor Jr. was born January 9, 1652 in Yarmouth and died November 15, 1732 and his descendants are shown in William Orin Taylor's book, mentioned below with link. These are "Rock"s two sons that have Taylor descendants; in addition he had four daughters (Mehitable T. Smith, Keziah T. Eldredge, Hannah T. Jenkins, and Mary T. Swain) and a son Jasher (b. May 9,1659) who disappeared from records, possibly disinherited.

Elisha Taylor I was willed his father's ("Rock") "house and orchard", now the Taylor-Bray Farm. He married Rebecca Prence (b. abt. 1665 Y, d. XI-20-1730 Y) around 1689. They had two sons with large numbers of descendants, Elisha Taylor II (see below) and Hezekiah Taylor (see Blogs B and x).

Taylor Descendants: Richard Taylor "tailor"

Richard "tailor" was born 1620 in England, married Ruth Wheldon (b. in 1625 in England, d. December 4, 1673 in a boat accident near Yarmouth MA) in October 27, 1646 in Yarmouth, and died December 13, 1673 in Yarmouth. She was the daughter of Gabriel Wheldon, who took a lot of persuasion before allowing her to marry Richard "tailor". He had two sons, John (b. 1652, d. I-18-1721, married Sarah Matthews 1674) and Joseph (b. 1660, d. IX-13-1727, married Experience Williamson 1684) and the one granddaughter and eight grandsons shown below. His grandsons from John were Samuel (b. XII-14-1675, d. abt. 1756), John (b.VI-15-1675, d. bef 1734), and Seth (b. aft. 1680, d. 1764), and from Joseph were Richard (nd), Joseph (nd), Ebenezer (nd), Timothy (b. XII-3-1704, d. ?), and Samuel (b. IV-12-1700, d. ?). He had four daughters, among them Ann Taylor.

Ann Taylor (b. 1659 in Yarmouth, died 1705 in Barnstable MA) married Josiah Davis (b. IX-1656 in Yarmouth, d. 1709 in Barnstable MA) on June 25, 1679 in Yarmouth. They had the following children: John Davis (b. IX 1681), Josiah (married M. Taylor), Seth (b. 1692), Stephen (b. XII-1700), and...

And, of course, Sarah Davis (b. II-1696 in Yarmouth, d. XI-17-1774 Mansfield CT), who married Elisha Taylor II on October 24, 1717, probably in Barnstable, thus uniting both lines of the Richard Taylors of Yarmouth; see the Both Richards Section below for their descendants.

Taylor Descendants from Both Richards

From Elisha Taylor II (b. IV-23-1694, d. II-10-1778 M) and Sarah Davis (Blogs A, B, D, z, x, c, n) are descended:

Lemuel Taylor (b. I-25-1725 F, d. I-15-1791 CN) ET II-SD son
Bathsheba Dean (b. VIII-9-1722 ?, d. VIII-25-1775 CN) his wife
~~~~married XII-1-1746 L
*Lemuel Taylor II (b. V-26-1762 CN, d. XI-7-1829 OM) LemI-BD son
*Sarah Boardman (b. XI-3-1763 Sh, d. XI-25-1834 OM) his wife
~~~~married I-15-1784 AU
**Elisha Taylor IV (b. VIII-26-1791 NY?, d. IX-29-1834 OM) LemII-SD son
Prince Taylor (b. ? 1725/6 F, d. III 1798 Hr) ET II-SD son
Hannah Childs (b. VII-29-1720 B, d. XI-7-1806 Hr) his wife
~~~~married III-6-1747/8
*Childs Taylor (b. IX-5-1756 Hr, d. IV-15-1829 Hr) ET II-SD son
*Rhoda Bates (b. IX-1-1760 D, d. XII-11-1845 Cl) his wife
~~~~married XI-11-1779 Hr
**Lester Taylor (b. VIII-5-1798 Hr, d. IV-24-1899 Cl) ChT-RB son
Josiah Taylor (b. ? 1731 F, d. XI-10-1807 M) ET II-SD son
Abigail Dennison (b. ? 1736 CT, d. XII-13-1816 M) his wife
~~~~married XI-24-1757 L
*Jonathan Taylor (b. VII-21-1770, d. XII-3-1816 M) JsT-AD son
*Ruth Edgerton (b. X-25-1771 Fr, d. X-5-1860 M) his wife
~~~~married I-12-1795 Fr
**Alpheus Edgerton Taylor (b. III-24-1802 M, d. IX-24-1892 CR) JonT-RE son
*David Taylor (b. VII-21-1770 M, d. bef. VII-3-1830 Ne) JsT-AD son
*Olive Waldo b. IX-13-1768 M, d. ? Ne) his wife
~~~~married ??
**"General" Jonathan Taylor (b. 1796 M, d. IV 1848 Ne) DT-OW son

Taylor Descendants from Mayflower Persons

+From Gov. William Bradford and Maj. William Bradford, his son: Gov. William Bradford was baptised on March 19, 1589 in England married Alice (Carpenter) Southworth (baptized August 3, 1590 in England and died March 20,1670 in Plymouth) on August 14, 1623 in Plymouth and died May 9, 1657 in Plymouth. Their son Maj. William Bradford, commander of Plymouth's forces and second Governor, was born June 17, 1624 in Plymouth and married Alice Richards (b. June 16, 1627 in England and died December 12, 1671 in Plymouth) before January 28,1651 and died February 20, 1703 in Plymouth.

Hannah Bradford (b. V-9-1662 K, d. V.-28-1738 W) their daughter
Joshua Ripley (b. V-8-1658, d. V-8-1739 W) her husband
~~~~married XI-28-1682 P/H
*Alice Ripley (b. IX-17-1683 H, d. XII-18-1768 N) their daughter
*Samuel Edgerton (b. V-?-1670, d. VI-1748 N) her husband
~~~~married IV-18-1703 N
**Joshua Edgerton (b. II-26-1707/8 Fr, d. III-6-1779 Fr) their son
**Ruth Kingsbury (b. II-24-1712/3 Fr, d. XI-13-1769 Fr) his wife
~~~~married I-28-1734/5 Fr
***Samuel Edgerton (b. V-9-1742 Fr, d. ??) their son
~~~~married X-15-1770 Fr
****Ruth Edgerton http://alpheusedgerton-taylor.blogspot.com

+From Stephen Hopkins and Constance Hopkins Snow, his daughter: Stephen Hopkins was born in 1583 in England and died June/July 1644; his wife's name is unknown. His daughter Constance Hopkins (born 1605/08 in England and died in October 1677 in Eastham MA) married Nicholas Snow (b. 1605 in England. died November 15, 1676 in Eastham MA) by May 22, 1627 probably in Plymouth MA.

Their daughter Mary Snow married Thomas Paine, a founding settler of Eastham MA. See the Paine Family blog (Blog yy) for details and their descendants to composer John Knowles Paine and to Elizabeth Paine http://thomaspainelines.blogspot.com

Locations and Sources

+Taylor populations: Today there are sizeable numbers of related Taylors in midCape Cod (Yarmouth to Chatham MA) and in and around Oakland Co. MI. There are a few near Adams WI, Clarion OH, and Malone NY.

+Major Taylor cemeteries: Maplewood Cemetery, Malone NY
Old Stoney Creek Cemetery, Oakland Co. MI
behind Storrs Congregational Church, N end UConn campus, Storrs CT

+Major information sources: The majority of the information shown in these blogs comes from secondary sources, some from vital records, not much directly from family Bibles, wills, land records, tombstones, newspapers, or other items. Major secondary sources:
***The Taylor Family of Yarmouth by Leonard H. Smith, Cape Cod Library of Local History and Genealogy, Vol. 2, 1914.
***Richard Taylor "tailor" and some of his Descendants, by James Hawes, Cape Cod Library of Local History and Genealogy, Vol. 1, 1914.
***Ancestry and Descendants of Lemuel Taylor Pioneer to Oakland Co. MI by Sarah van Hoosen Jones, The Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Magazine, December 1954.
***A Taylor Family: One Line of Descendants of both Richard Taylor "The Tailor" and Richard Taylor "of the Rock" of Yarmouth MA (chart)
***History of Richard "Rock" Taylor and Families of Yarmouth MA by William Orin Taylor, Sr., 2007


+Using the Indexing Features: the more important are in CAPS: (1) Taylor Persons Index: the individuals with the most information and most likely to appear in a blog are in Caps (JOHN), those with less information that might appear in a blog when a few key facts become known are capitalized (John), those with little or no information are in lower case (john); (2) Blog List shows the states the particular people spent most of their life in; (3) Town Index: the towns where the most Taylors and their activities were located are in CAPS (ROME); the towns with fewer Taylors are capitalized (Rome), and the towns with only one or two Taylors there for a short time are in lower case (rome).

+Taylor Person Index: RICHARD "Rock" TAYLOR, RICHARD TAYLOR "tailor", ELISHA TAYLOR I Blog A

ELISHA TAYLOR II (1694-1778) SARAH DAVIS (1696-1774) Blog A
*LEMUEL TAYLOR (1725-1791) Bathsheba Dean Blog x
**LEMUEL TAYLOR II (1762-1829) Sarah Boardman Blog x
***Lemuel Taylor III (1786-1856)
***ELISHA TAYLOR IV (1791-1834) Blog x
*PRINCE TAYLOR (1726-1798) Hannah Childs Blog y
**prince taylor
**CHILDS TAYLOR (1756-1829) Rhoda Bates Blog y
***LESTER TAYLOR (1798-1899) Blog y
**david taylor
**lyman taylor
*JOSIAH TAYLOR (1731-1807) Abigail Dennison Blog A
**ROBERT DENNISON TAYLOR (1763-1798) Parthenia Alvord Blog h
***ELISHA TAYLOR (1789-1852) Lucinda Waller Blog h
**ELISHA TAYLOR V (1766-aft. 1822)
**JONATHAN TAYLOR (1770-1816) Ruth Edgerton Blog A, vv
***abigail dennison taylor (1795)
***Elihu Payne Taylor (1798-xx)
***ELIZABETH PAYNE TAYLOR (1800-xx) Earl Cummings
***samuel edgerton taylor (1811)
***Chauncey Dwight Taylor (1814-1871) Mary Ann Austin
**DAVID TAYLOR (1770-1830) Olive Waldo Blog j
***"GENERAL" JONATHAN TAYLOR (1796-1848) Sarah Elliott
**JOSIAH TAYLOR II (1775-1856) Mariah Washburn Blog k
***PERIANDER W. TAYLOR (1800-1844) Olive Jenks Blog k
Under Construction

+Elisha Taylor Index
There over 19 known Elisha Taylors, so the pivotal ones have been given Roman numerals, as follows:
Elisha Taylor I (1664-1740), son of Richard "Rock" Taylor
Elisha Taylor II (1694-1778), Sarah Davis his wife is granddaughter of Richard "tailor" Taylor
Elisha Taylor III (1748-1822), "Corporal" in American Revolution
Elisha Taylor IV (1791-1834), scouted land for dad, 60 Taylors, moving to Oakland Co. Michigan
Elisha Taylor V (1766-aft. 1822), guardian of dead brother's children, businessman, tavern owner, Woodstock VT
The pivotal Josiah Taylors and Lemuel Taylors have also been given Roman numerals.

+Family Index (nonTaylor)
Cummings Blog xx
Edgerton Blog yy
Hayden Blog zz

+Blog List

++Topic Blogs

B. Taylors in the American Revolution, see http://taylorsamerrev.blogspot.com
C. Taylor Migration Stories, see http://taylormigrations.blogspot.com
D. Taylor Stories (other) under construction

++Blogs covering the descendants of Elisha Taylor II, grandson of Richard Taylor "of the Rock", and Sarah Davis, granddaughter of Richard Taylor "tailor", including spouses, are as follows:

~~~~States where most of life spent: CT, NY, WI, MN, WA
~~~~States where most of life spent: WI, MN, WA, OR, CA
~~~~States where most of life was spent: CT, OH
~~~~States where most of life spent: CT, OH
~~~~States where most of life was spent: NY, MI
~~~~States where most of life spent: NY, WI, MN, WA
~~~~States where most of life spent: NY, WI, MN, WA, OR
K. Taylors of Vermont http://vttaylors.blogspot.com
K. Chauncy's TaylorBro Photo http://chancytaylorbrophoto.blogspot.com
L. David & General Jon Taylor http://davidgenjontaylor.blogspot.com
M. Elihu Payne Taylor Family http://elihupayntaylorfam.blogspot.com

++Other Blogs

N. dSome Thomas Paine lines http://thomaspainelines.blogspot.com
O. Rev. Samuel Nott: Howling http://rsamnotthowling.blogspot.com
P. S. M. "Pa" Austin Family http://smpaaustinfam.blogspot.com
Q. San Francisco's Hugh Briody http://sfhughbriody.blogspot.com
R. Earl Cummings Family http:earlcummingsfam.blogspot.com

Key: d=descendants of
a=ancestry of
m=maternal line

Taylor Town Index
Town CodeBlog Code
New England
New York
Blue Earth MN
West Coast
San Jose CA


Anonymous said...

phsingoI, too, am a descendant of both the tailor and the Rock, through Elisha Taylor and Sarah Davis. An excellent work on Gabriel Wheldon, father of Ruth Wheldon, has just appeared in the NEHGR, and it sorts out a few things. If you do not have access to it, let me know and I will send it to you.

My line is Elisha / Sarah Davis, Lemuel / Bathsheba Dean, Daniel / Mary (Polly) Bettys, sister of Joe Bettys the Loyalist spy, hanged in Albany, NY 1 April 1782. I wish I knew what happened to Daniel! I never found him again after he was imprisoned as a "disaffected person." He wasn't hanged, but I couldn't find a record of his release either. Polly remarried, Josiah Benjamin, and Daniel's daughter Mary (Molly) Bettys Taylor married William Buckminster Gates in Ballston (Balls Town), Saratoga County, New York, at Christ Church (Episcopal), 27 August 1797.

Give me a shout! ... Sarah



I have been exhaustively checking out Daniel Taylor on WorldVitalRecords, the most powerful source I have found, and found nothing. There are lots of Daniel Taylors.

Incidentally, I believe Daniel was born in Caanan CT on Sept. 22, 1754, and not the same date in "New York state" as "Ancestry and Descendants of Lemuel Taylor, Pioneer to Oakland Co. MI in 1823" has it.

Please do send me that new item on Gabriel Wheldon; what address do you require?

Harry Basicsmines

Chris said...

Mr. Taylor,

I am doing research on the founding members of my Masonic Lodge in Stony Creek, MI. I am the chairman of our historical committee.

Specifically I'm interested in information regarding Daniel B. and Joshua B.

Would you be so kind as to send me an email so I can get more specific?

Christopher Peace



It's been a little while since I checked for comments and I discovered yours yesterday.

I assume you have looked at the Lemuel Taylor blog and found Joshua and Daniel (1806-1874) and perhaps looked at the source listed there. I went through a number of Oakland Co. histories at the Bentley Library in Ann Arbor and found the most useful was Samuel W. Durant's History of Oakland Co. Mich. (1877).

Harry Basicsmines

Jillaine Smith said...


Found your blog while googling Elisha Taylor and Sarah Davis. I am trying to confirm/document that Elisha and Sarah (Davis) Taylor ended up in Lebanon and then Mansfield, CT.

I see claims about it all over the 'net, but have yet to find actual records confirming it. I've seen reference to Elisha deeding Lebanon CT land to son John, and a death of Elisha in Mansfield, CT.

Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

-- Jillaine Smith
jillainedc AT yahoo DOT com



You bet it's a fact! We have it in a very old family Bible, there are land records, and to top that off, the graves. At the north end of the UConn campus at Storrs, in a cemetary behind the church, is the tombstone of Sarah Davis Taylor and Taylor row: the tombstones of her son Josiah Taylor and his wife Abigail Dennison Taylor, and her grandson Jonathan Taylor and his wife Ruth Edgerton Taylor. The UConn Dairy Dept. has great ice cream right across the street.

Harry Basicsmines

J E A Herendeen said...

Jasher Taylor b. Barnstable ca 1685; m. Experience Cobb (b. 8 JUN 1692 in Barnstable) in Barnstable on 18 FEB 1713/14; d. 31 OCT 1752. Is buried in Ancient Cemetery, Yarmouth. His wife was granddaughter of Richard The Tailor, through Elizabeth Taylor who me. Samuel Cobb.